Definisi Makanan Halal

Mungkin ramai umat Islam diluar sana tidak mengtahui apa kriteria yang membolehkan sesuatu makanan itu dikatakan halal. Disini saya terangkan definisi makanan halal yang termaktub dalam Standard Halal Malaysia (MS 1500:2004).

Makanan HALAL merujuk kepada makanan yang dibenarkan mengikut hukum syariah dan memenuhi kriteria-kriteria dibawh:

  1. the food or ingredients that do not contain any parts or products of animals that are non halal to Muslims by Syariah Law or products of animals which are not slaughtered according to Syariah Law.
  2. the food does not contain any ingredients that are Najs according to Syariah Law.
  3. the food that is safe and not harmful.
  4. the food that is not prepared, processed or manufactured using equipment that is contaminated with things that are najs according to Syariah Law.
  5. the food or ingredients do not contain any human parts or its derivatives that are not permitted by Syariah Law and,
  6. during its preparation, processing, packaging, storage or transportation, the food is physically seperated from any other food that does not meet the requirements stated or any other things that have been decreed as najs by Syariah Law.

Rujukan : MS 1500:2004 (clause 3.3). – sorry malas nak translate.

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